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精算學分學程The Program of Actuaries



This program aims to cultivate financial risk management and actuary talents. The program includes financial engineering and actuarial science, the course uses technologies such as mathematics, statistics, and data science to solve financial product development, risk management."                                                  



"課程以北美精算協會(Society of Actuaries)的基礎教育與考試內容為架構。學生可學習公司理財、財務投資、風險管理、產壽險精算與退休金管理等專業領域。

The program is structured on VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) course and exam content of the Society of Actuaries, the courses include corporate finance, financial investment, risk management, life insurance actuarial and pension management."                                                   




The required 20 credits must be earned to receive a program certificate."